Released singles from our upcoming album

  "Freak Parade"
  If you dare, download the advance mix of the title track to the upcoming VBB album
"Freak Parade"span>
  - VAMPIRE BEACH BABE - Yes, an almost self-titled song, but we came across this honestly. I was thinking about what a person who had never heard of us might think a Vampire Beach Babes was - and it came out in the lyrics here - and it is totally correct! Of course it is chock-full of hidden messages (as usual) to those angels and demons who might care. There is some brilliant work on lyrics and vocals by Melinda here.
Unreleased demo's and concepts for the upcoming album:/span> New Songs in-progress...

One of our many works in progress, this one is called "End of the Road" written and produced by Eris and myself. This one is very unfinished - but lots of fun! 

~Baron Marcus

  ...more new roughs and concept tunes coming soon!







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