Some of the players and writers for the Vampire Beach Babes project :



  (Lead Vocals,

  Track Progr.

  Rhythm Guitar)




  (Drums, Vocals,

  Rhythm Guitar)





Guitar, Track






Vampire Beach Babes


Bass and Guitar)

Friends of the Band:  



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Production Team :  

Vezi Tayeb
Vezi has been an awesome inspiration and guide for the band – both through our current album “Beach Blanket Bedlam” and also now as we write and record for our next. He has worked with the likes of Stacy Heydon (David Bowie’s team), The Hollies, The Drifters, Tower of Power, Teenage Head, Chris Spedding, Bob Ezrin and Daniel Lanois.

Album Art Illustrator Ed Valdes:
Ed Valdes has been an awesome inspiration and a blast to work with throughout the production of both “Attack of the Killer Bikinis” and “Beach Blanket Bedlam”. His work is top-notch pop art in the beach culture tradition.

-Email Ed

Photos by Michelle Pritchard, Randwulf